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Computer Circuit Board

Workshop Services

We have a dedicated in-house computer workshop with multiple technicians and several years of experience.

Below is a list of our services.

Computer Diagnostics

Is your computer slow or giving you troubles? We have a large array of diagnostic tests to determine the exact cause.

Are you experiencing issues with your laptop?

Windows Repairs

Is your operating system not starting or giving errors?

Our technicians have extensive experience repairing and reinstalling most of the popular operating systems 

Solid State Drive Upgrades

The days of using mechanical harddrives has primary drives are passing.

Swopping yours could bring new life into your computer regarding speed and performance.

Virus Removal

Do you suspect your computer has been infected with a virus or malware?

Our technicians have extensive virus detection tools to find and destroy any possible threats

Storage Drive Replacements

Has your computers speed decreased to beyond slow or is not functioning properly? Your harddrive could very possibly be damaged/faulty and data loss could be imminent.

We have the necessary tools to (if possible) recover or clone your data to a new storage drive. 

Hardware Upgrades

Is your computers performance sub-par? Buying a new one can be very costly

Our technicians can determine if any individual components can be upgraded to increase performance.

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