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Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP)

Voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) is communications technology that allows users to make voice calls through an Internet connection, rather than through traditional copper lines.

This technology has become popular due to the high cost savings that it attracts.

VOIP Hosted switchboards has modern functionalities and is not location bound as extensions can reside at different locations and still function as basic extensions.

Good Internet connection is required for calls not to drop or break up .




Hosted Switchboard (PBX) Solution

Buying and maintaining a traditional switchboard or PBX service is an expensive exercise. Furthermore, costs can increase significantly when you include the wiring, equipment, proprietary phones and installation fees. Signing a lengthy maintenance agreement might reduce some of the large up-front costs, but, you are consequently left with a technically inferior switchboard when the contract eventually comes to an end.

We use VoIP technology to provide a fully managed and customisable PBX solution.  There are no up-front costs or installation fees because there is no need to purchase a physical device. The only cost involved for the Hosted Switchboard service is a low monthly service fee.


VoIP Line

A VoIP Line is a direct line service used together with a VoIP telephone (desktop/cordless) or phone adapter (ATA) to provide a telephone service over your wired or wireless broadband internet connection.

Furthermore, a VoIP Line service, unlike outdated fixed lines, can be moved without requiring a change of telephone number.  

A VoIP Line service is ideally suited for home and small business use.  Whereas a Hosted Switchboard solution is better suited for larger business clients.



Number Porting

If you are interested in a VoIP line or a Hosted Switchboard and would like to keep your current telephone number, fear not, your number can be ported and will be linked to new system.  

Most importantly, we were one of the first service providers to offer geographic number porting and as a result has perfected the process.  We will manage the number porting process in full and as such you will find the entire process quick, easy and non-disruptive.

Frequently asked questions

Why change from a traditional telephone to a VoIP system?

VoIP offers big savings on cost due to the hosted switchboard and highly reduced call costs

Can I use my old numbers or will I lose them?

Numbers can be ported in most cases at a minimal cost.

What is the VOIP data usage?

Roughly +/- 1 Megabyte for 1 minute of conversation.
Thus 1 Gigabyte = 1000 minutes of conversation.

What is a Hosted Switchboard?

Not a physical switchboard on site but hosted on a server (Cloud based) with modern functionalities.
No effect of power/lightning damage & general breakage makes for zero maintenance fee.

Can the extensions be utilized at different locations?

Yes, with handset at different locations they still function as extensions.
There are no call costs between extensions from different locations.

What internet connection is required for VOIP?

A connection with relative low latency (+/- below 50 ms) and jitter (+/- below 10 ms) with and up/down speed above +/- 10mbps. (LTE/Fibre/adsl)

Can the calls be recorded?

Call recordings are optional and can be enabled at a minimal monthly cost.

Can after hours/ Christmas function messages etc. be set?

Custom messages can be set at no additional cost

Must I sign a long term contract?

The service can be cancelled on a 30 day notice

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